Copper Dragon

He is a super hero with a brown and gold dragon themed costume.. when he transforms he grows taller and bigger, his skin turns brown and he can fly, take enormous punishment, and breathe fire.


So far he’s an Experiment Super-hero character who has the following powers:

Wingless flight (Dragon Flight)
Energy Expulsion: Fire (I changed it to come from his mouth not his hands) (Dragon Breath)
Resistance to most forms of energy (half damage from fire cold lightning etc which he calls Dragon Skin)
Immunity to Fire (also called Dragon Skin)
And Special Vision: Infrared and Ultraviolet (which he calls Dragon Sight)

He has a side effect from the chemical experiment which was done on him that forces him to transform to use his powers. He grows 3 feet, and by 60 pounds, and his skin turns a coppery brown. The costume is made to stretch for this, and has claws on the boots and gloves, and a fake tail which hangs down just for looks. The cowl of the mask looks like a copper dragon head complete with horns and fangs.. though his mouth can be seen inside the dragon’s mouth and his eyes are in place of the dragon’s eyes. Nylon “wings” stretch from the bottom of his arms down to his waist like a gliding suit and are patterned after copper dragon wings, these are not necessary but add to the look and help with stability in flight.


Copper Dragon

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